eHarmony Reviews and Free Trial Exclusive

As we know, eHarmony is one of the most popular dating sites available right now. It’s hard to miss them with their loads of advertisements on both TV and print.

Well, eHarmony does seem good initially, with their personality tests etc (They look for compatibility in 27 diverse areas of personality types). They match you up with people who may fit your criteria, but also looks at the different character characteristics and qualities that make you…YOU.

However, this is our eHarmony reviews so far.

eHarmony claim that they make thousands of connections a month and that they bring numerous members together for long term relationships. What we notice is the ladies are here for the long haul and hence they are pretty much older.


Usage of eHarmony Dating Service

– You will only receive a maximum of 15 matches a day and out of that, at least 8-10 of them (almost 75%) had not logged on the site for at least 30 days. Clearly, these so called matches had deleted their accounts.

– We love searching for profiles don’t you? However, in eHarmony you cannot search for people anywhere, let alone your area. eHarmony takes the ownership of giving your matches so you have no control on who you see or try to contact. With that being said, 90% of my matches are at least 200-300 miles away.

– Another example: The matches they throw at you are a joke. I am very athletic and active and they constantly sent matches that were extremely over weight and inactive.

– The site kept freezing. That being said, their software is full of glitches and the result is that it considerably slows down the decision making process as well as the messaging with other matches.  Unfortunately, the glitches apply to both their mobile sites as well as the regular site.

– Creating an account is a breeze. Canceling is another issue.

– Their customer service is hit or miss –  during the first few calls, they were really nice but after you did some complaining, they became more unhelpful.

eHarmony Profiles Review

They mostly ask about things like tastes/preferences in music and generalities. There is no helpful means to indicate preferences under the physical department. Vital but “touchy” subjects like sex and religion are hardly mentioned.  There is no evaluation of your actual beliefs, no distinction between the religion you were raised but do not practice, and being a devout believer whose life centers around their faith. Politics is just rated on a spectrum form conservative to liberal, with no details.

Matches seem mostly based on age and location.

Good things:

1) Most members are serious about finding a partner and and all were employed, homeowners, etc.
2) Really down-to-earth ladies who are in for a long term relationship
3) Ladies who are serious (if that’s what you’re into)
4) Honesty. These women are totally open for the most part.

eHarmony Free Trial and Membership Price

– Their membership prices are pretty steep. Call their 800# and haggle with them for a free trial and better prices. We heard a friend who got 3 months for $60 after that.

– With this price, you are unable to look through and search profiles as mentioned and you are stuck browsing  through the few matches that they give you. The problem is, if the other person isn’t a paid member, they are unable to write you back.

– You can’t pay the membership fees on a month-to-month basis, not even 3 months? It has to be a minimum of 6 months. So what happens if you meet the one before the 6 months is up?

How to Cancel eHarmony Subscription?

– Do take note, if you signed up for your subscription through iTunes it will auto renew. This is the default (sneaky!) and the only way to cancel this auto renewal and charging is to go to your iCloud or Apple account and disable the auto renewal for this particular app. It’s funny how you are not able to do this on the eHarmony site.

–  Give eHarmony a call if you signed up through their website.

eHarmony Phone Number: 800-965-7249.  This number was voted the fastest way (out of the other general numbers given) to contact eHarmony and it connects you directly to a customer service representative.

Our Experience and Recommendation

eHarmony does have a polished marketing campaign but their product falls so low that it could be considered a borderline scam.

I joined and met several nice men of mutual choosing without a computer making the choice for me.

Free dating sites exist, and some of them help you make your own choices. We think OkCupid and Plentyoffish are few of the best currently. eHarmony claims to be able to decide for you what you should want, but in doing so that prevents you from finding what you DO want. (Read reviews here) and (Read reviews here) are totally sites that we use as our go to primaries. This one’s a great place to settle down with and a wonderful place to meet really down to earth chicks.


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