How to flirt with women – use one line jokes

You know, flirting and approaching women can be incredibly fun when you know how to do this and get great results. However, there are many men that really have a hard time when it comes to flirting and approaching women. If you fall into this category, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a skill that can be taught and developed and the best part is, the results are more than worth it.

So, what should you do and where should you start when it comes to approaching women and flirting with them?

You have to be comfortable with the situation. Now, that may seem hard if you’re not used to flirting or approaching women, but with time, it becomes MUCH easier. And also when you begin to have them flirt back with you and your confidence shoots up, then you are just naturally going to be more comfortable with doing this.

Using humor as a way to flirt is especially effective as well. If you can get her to laugh WITH you, then you are that much closer to getting her phone number or even a date. The key is that she has to be laughing with you and not AT you.

So, lay off the I’m a goof kind of stuff at first. You want to create attraction when you’re flirting with a woman. Really that’s the only goal that you should have besides having fun. When you have created attraction, then the rest is going to be much easier.

If you have a hard time flirting with women or approaching women, RELAX. You can learn how to do these things and get the results that you want. Which is a phone number or a date or even more.

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