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Quite often, I feel friends lamenting, “how to meet women”, where do I meet them. They always land up with the crazy people, or people who are looking for rebounds. The topdatingguides is helping you in this article on how to get out of this vicious cycle.

Step 1: Create a filter of people you do not want to meet a.k.a the crazy people

This is fairly straightforward. Create a bogus username or email address. A fake email isn’t as important since you usually send emails through the websites. Use a fake name until you’ve met them because that will be the big experiment. Scoot away with the fake name if something is not right. No harm or after effects!

Step 2: Finding a website

The most imperative thing you need to do when you attempt to find a dating site is to ask yourself, “What do I really want in this relationship” and then go from there. If you are just looking for sex, I would recommend craigslist or plentyoffish (check out our plentyoffish reviews) (for the non adult dating sites). If you are serious about getting into a committed relationship, do be prepared to part with more money which is why eHarmony (check out our eHarmony reviews) charges an extreme amount.


I wouldn’t consider Craigslist a real dating site, and I definitely wouldn’t really take it seriously if you want to fall in love and find your soul mate. I’ve met up with a few people on craigslist and whenever I post a half-hearted personal ad or copy my match profile, I get about 20 responses. 10 of the responses are almost always the same people (why?). Another 2 or 3 of them are usually people who started out searching for jobs and came across the personals category (pretty boring group!), and the remaining 3 or 4 people are actually appealing.

I did a social experiment with “I’m tired of meeting men who are only looking for fun, or socially inept people. Get in touch with me if you are not one of them.” and look at what I’ve received in my inbox!

  • I would love the opportunity to please you. This is your standard homosexual male trying to solicit straight men for sex, while doing no work at his government job, which is where he emailed me from. This happens semi-frequently.
  • “Hi! :)” Is there anything more I should reply?

We all also know that Craiglist do have a subdivision for casual encounters, but do not; I emphasis, do not patronise this section. Truth is, this place is a hideout for gay guys and undercover cops trying to seize illegal prostitution.


  • When you logged in, it displays the last 10 people who are actively using plentyoffish’s service within your local area.
  • It has an option to IM people who are currently online (no more wild goose chase!).
  • It informs you the status of your message to someone (i.e. Unread, Unread deleted, Read, Read Deleted, or Replied) so you can tell “So they are not reading it, their loss! “


  • The search is pretty limited
  • The people there are some of the oddest I’ve ever known
  • People are more open here hence you do expect more crazy stunts. With that being said, the forums are tremendously amusing.

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This is the best free dating site out there.


  • If you email someone, it will tell you if you’ve emailed them if you ever click on their name again it will tell you if you’ve previously emailed them.
  • Better selection than other free dating sites out there
  • It allows you to sort your dating preference by distance.

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  • You can delete people from search as soon as you email them, making it a lot easier to not double email someone
  • There is no limit to the amount of people you can block or delete.
  • No security code required when messaging someone
  • A lot more people than the other websites.


  • You can only wink at a limited amount of people per day.

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I’m not going to spend much time talking about this website, other than to say I think its ridiculously expensive, take a long time to get in contact with people and leaves you wondering when you are finally going to meet someone.

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We hope the above is useful and do find more useful tips from us as you explore around the site!

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