Me After You

I know this terrifies you. What happens after he/she decides to leave you? When you have to start the difficult journey on break-up recovery there is one thing that people have in common: that dreadful feeling of being alone and powerless. And of course, wanting to get back again so much.

What helps us to endure these pains and challenges is the comforting knowledge that there are others before you who went through the same path and succeeded in getting better in life even. I am one of them.

Ready? I hope my story gives you the initial push to finally start your recovery.

My name is Lauren from USA and I have to share this miraculous testimony, which is still unbelievable to me until now.

I remember back when I was dumped by Harry, a recent UPenn graduate whom I fell madly in love with.

We connected when we first met. He’s all I ever wanted to be with. Sounds familiar? He was pursuing a business degree in UPenn while I was already with the workforce. To make sure Harry has everything he needed while in school, I worked hard so he does not have to worry about paying for his laptop, cable fees, textbooks, etc. I thought, life would be complete after he gets his first job. So, I can’t wear all the Michael Kors my friends are showing to my face but a small family after 3 years would be nice isn’t it?

Fast forward 3 years later, Harry said he couldn’t see a future with me. I wasn’t from a wealthy family, survived on a $25,000 per year job as administrative assistant and definitely could not afford the lifestyle Harry wanted. To keep up with Harry’s lifestyle, I poured a good deal of my savings pursuing lavish dinners and vacations with him. At this most vulnerable moment, Harry decided that I wasn’t good enough for him. He decided to date a banker from his workplace and left me. Just like that. Maybe some cheating was already involved before that.


At the end of our 3 years together, I was deserted by the man I love and pretty much broke.

I was sad, angry and lonely. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I yell (my dog must’ve think I was crazy) and most times I was waiting by the phone hoping Harry would change his mind. I thought nothing could make me happy and complete again. I tried sleeping through the pain, talked to some friends, eating my favourite ice cream but they only reminded me of how pathetic I was. Besides that, I was too broke to treat myself to a eat, pray, love getaway.

How did I end up this way? Isn’t love supposed to be stronger than anything in the world? How could I not see that through him?

A myriad of questions run by my mind every.single.momment.

But the most important question for you now is: Would you get out of this miserable situation? My answer is, Yes. I’m so sure you can definitely do it. So, I promised myself some months ago that I would come back when I feel better to encourage those who are just starting their bittersweet experience of healing.

I have been reading this book:

Every day, I read 1 concept  and practice on it. Soon enough in about a month, I was no longer affected by the pain harry has afflicted on me. I even heard he was getting dumped by the woman he left me for but there was no desire to get back to him. Because, through living the principles laid out in this book, I finally tasted the finer things in life and broke free from the “Harry” disease. I now focus on what is good and important for myself.

I got a new job that pays almost 70% more than before. I’m healthier and better looking and have been asked out by several guys (at least 1 guy a week) but I’m still taking my time to enjoy this singlehood!  Look at all my tips on these various dating sites! All these are not possible without the Survival After Separation Guide. Believe me, I’ve been a long time reader of COSMO and online female portals but none of them had provided me with the assurance and determination that my life could work around after the bad breakup. It was disheartening to know the very low ratio of women who made it vs tales of heartbreak, depression and loneliness. I’ve seen many of my friends (and myself, almost!) who fell to the latter so do not take this guide lightly.

a brand new me 2 months later after Survival Separation Guide

Survival After Separation guide works whether you broke up recently, or even if you broke up a long time ago, but still miss them. A hard truth I learnt, Time does NOT heal all wounds. What often happens is that you are left for long time with a bit of a hole in your heart that you just choose to bury and try to ignore.

But it can affect all your future relationships, and your future happiness. Speaking right through me!

I missed the price offer  but you shouldn’t. At just $37, the system works, Survival after Separation guide was my solution to getting a more fulfilling life. No more mopping around and feeling like a wreck. You have a chance to get the book at this price offer so don’t lose it.

Inside this video, you’ll hear more testimonies and learn several key concepts that will not only help you to get over your ex, but more importantly, you’ll learn how to be truly happy again. There is nothing more than I would like that for you.

You get to try it for 60 days and if it doesn’t work, a refund will be on its way. It is just going to help you get better.

This is the best advice I can give to ANYONE in a bad breakup situation  – Do it!

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