OkCupid Review – Read this before you jump at it

We are very glad to review OkCupid which was incepted in 2004, is one of the most popular and FREE online dating service in the United States. The site uses algorithms to find digital matches for its 7 million users based on their answers to questions about themselves.

So, let’s jump start straight into our okcupid review. How is it like? After being in the program for more than 3 years, I have listed some very important characteristics of okcupid to take note of as you find your best date from the site.

1) Who is it For?

If you are open-minded, aren’t religious, and want very specific qualities, this is the place for you. The fascinating profiles and the matching system is the best. I’ve had more dates from this site than all other combined.
Female profiles are more often than not from middle-age and highly educated women with strong personalities. They have busy and dynamic lifestyle with good professional positions. Often executives or independent. They know exactly what they want and are indeed very selective.

Challenging but fair isn’t it?
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2) How Do they Match (Finding the One)?

By their questions! The questions are fun to answer and help you match each other. I like the questions that it asks users to determine compatibility and the “sections” that it has on people’s profiles. Oh and a good thing is they do not truncate profiles despite being a free service.

It even gives you options of connecting with others in your area (on the left bar). It even gives you info on how often the member responds to notes. In addition, it has instant message capabilities and it’s ALSO FREE. The Search options are nice and so is the “Quick Match” function. There are unattractive people as with any dating site, but there are a lot of REAL attractive people as well. I think the site is about the best free dating site I have come across.
The star rating and quick match system also works pretty well and seeing if someone else likes you makes it easier to know who to message.

3) How Do You Use the Site?

It’s all for free- no upsell: You can put up dozens of pictures. You can message whoever you want as much as you like. You can rate each other and be told if you both like each other. You can look for marriage, friends, casual sex and everything in between. You can be a guy looking for a guy, a girl looking for a girl, or anywhere in between – though they don’t have an option for a couple profile (yet.)

Network a little you should find that OK cupid will bring you some good charismatic friends. I do like the layout and it is easy and fun to use.
The site also has a great moderating feature. You can block and report anyone that you don’t want to engage in conversation on IM.

To end off my OkCupid review, Here are some helpful hints for online dating to consider not just on this site but on any…

– Make sure the person has multiple pictures of themselves
– Make sure at least one or more pictures show their entire body
– Make sure you see their teeth in at least one of the pics (Trust me you don’t want any surprises in this department)
– Pay attention to how the person presents themselves in their profile. It is not about what they say, but how they say it. If they come across as negative, shallow, and/or they have a lot of typos and can’t communicate their ideas clearly, these are some serious red flags.

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