Plenty of Fish Review – Very Close to What You Are Looking For

To start our Plenty of Fish review, we are going to say this is an absolutely free dating site. Plenty of fish is pretty like facebook and united into one website and they are FREE. If you are going to use a free dating site then we would rather that you take up POF as it is definitely better than taking your chances of getting mauled on craigslist. And now, let’s jump into our Plenty of Fish review.

1) Who is it For?
This highly depends on what you are looking for. Perfecto if you only want to meet people who just want a bit on the side and nothing serious about going further. It is advisable to those seeking a proper relationship to use Plenty of fish less often as possible.

2) Who’s in it?
Plenty of fish is a pretty reasonable site as compared to the others. The members feel legit i.e. no bots and no fake profiles, alas many abandoned profiles).

I know plenty of friends (no pun intended) who have admitted to creating profiles on Plenty of Fish, so I guess the site must have some like-ness to it. Not that I am going to go straight up raving on the site or anything but it’s definitely a legitimate site and I can admit to meeting some regular girls around my area through it. Some people assume that the site is a scam full of bots because they did not receive any messages.

You definitely need to be step up your game and send plenty of (respectable, pls) messages and there will be real women who will eventually respond. After all, it’s a dating site isn’t it?

On the other hand, a lot of other people exploit this site to hook-up, and although that is okay, I would highly suggest that you indicate that you are looking for the right one to date long term whether it is true or not. This is just basic rules as most women, regardless of what they are looking for are a bit cautious to contact someone who openly declares that they just want to hook-up. It makes sense why they would be alert in this respect and it has the added advantage of making you seemingly less pervy.

3) How Do they Match (Finding the One)?

The good thing about Plenty of fish is that the Plentyoffish search allows people to find someone local. They also have a good database of people so it is rather easy to be matched with someone. The automated match feature is derived from the info you provided about yourself (so do be legit about it!). I do find that the matches are age appropriate and within my area. Plenty of fish is a free site so you tend to encounter the younger crowds in the 18-30 range.

Like any dating website, there are always a few weirdos and time loafers, including the more guys to girls ratio. However I have met numerous women off it and having them as my friends.

4) How Do You Use the Site?

Under the free membership package, you can freely message people and read their messages as well. BUT, if you must know whether someone has in fact read the message that you sent (stop the guessing game going), you must have a paid membership. Also, you won’t be able to view a member’s entire profile or know if you have contacted them before unless you upgrade to a paid membership.

You can upload as many pictures and write as much as you like. You can also configure your e-mail and chat settings so you will not get message from people that do not fit your requirements, including distance as well.
Regarding how to make sure you get what you want on the dating site, here’s what I found that works. You have to focus on one person at a time. If you get caught up in the emails you’ll screw yourself. Its all time and energy.
My advice, dont get frustrated. Just have fun. If its not working then change it. You have to hold your frame and focus on the people you want to date.. not trying to keep the ones you dont want away. Take it one person at a time. Keep the texting and phone calls up until the first meeting. Its that simple.
note if you decided to become a paid member as I did, as plenty of fish will mechanically renew your paid subscription and hence you must make sure that this option is disabled as refunds is not in their dictionary.

In a nutshell, there are still potentials to meet the right one out there. Our Plenty of Fish review is that it is FREE and frivolously supervised do you have to be careful and get to know people a little bit more before giving in. I had good luck with finding prospective real dates and of course, people are not always what they project and that’s just reality on the computer.

Tips on Online Dating

Established, a lot of men are looking for something we do not really approved of, but it is up to the woman to recognize that and weed out the bad guys. There are definitely some fake people, but what do you expect if the person has only one picture up. Don’t talk to them, duh! Overall, it’s a good dating site and will yield results. Obviously if you are good looking, you will get more attention, but that’s not the fault of the website.

At the end of the day, I still like (which is also free) better (OkCupid review over here). Our plenty of fish review is that it seems a little lower quality than OKCupid, and the site isn’t nearly as flashy and professional in terms of the interface. But it does what it says on the tin.

Oh AND I heard Patty Stanger (Millionaire Matchmaker) met her fiancé on POF. Go figure!

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