The Hinge App – Finally, A Legit Dating App Better Than Tinder

The Hinge app is undoubtedly one of the best dating app for meeting dates that are in the boundaries of your social circles. If you are keen to meet someone that perhaps went to the same workplace or school and of course, isn’t totally creepy then the Hinge dating app is definitely better than Tinder (Our Tinder review) and its likes.

How the Hinge app works

It works its magic by matching you with friends from Facebook, which is within your social network. They also match you with people within the same city as you. With that being said, you would need to link your Facebook account with Hinge. This one-click signup from your Facebook account requires zilch personal information input from you and it does not post on your behalf to Facebook.

It also extracts 16 profile pictures from your Facebook, whether you want it to or not. The only redemption is you are able to replace the photos with other photos later on. From their support, Hinge’s photo minimum is aimed to make it more tricky for fake profiles or bots to get on Hinge. To change a photo, go to Edit My Profile and tap on a picture to change it.

Your information is also kept private on Hingle unless there is a mutual favorite on the app. If you favorite one another, Hinge provide a introduction to link you guys up.

The Hinge app is most effective if you have a well-developed Facebook account with a lot of friends.

Who’s on Hinge?


Some interesting data above.

By now, you should know that Hinge links you with real Facebook friends (and their friends). If you do not have that many friends, you may run out of profiles to view. Currently, Hinge needs to work on enlarging their user base.

I like how it prioritizes friends of friends as much as possible.

Usage of Hinge

The app itself looks good and operates smooth.

It prompts me with about 20 great  and possible date options each day and vs Tinder where I would end up swiping through hundreds of people hours on end and getting nowhere.

Many users have complained that that the message notifications do not arrive on time. Sometimes y find countless missed responses after refreshing.

Messages are also not ordered chronologically. You lose track of conversations that are dropped way down in the list. If you have a few dozen matches, it occasionally buries new conversations at the bottom and then takes forever to load. It also loads extremely slow, and crashes if you try to go too far down in your match list- where your most recent chat was just buried. Despite that, the design, relaxed feel, and people are quality.

Verdict of Hinge app

The Hinge app allows fast snooping/surveying with more thorough information about potential dates. However, yesterday a friend of mine almost stood someone up because a message her date sent her never got through. I wonder how many other messages did not go through for the potential Romeos and Juliets. The messaging function definitely needs more work.

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