What is in Tinder? Can you find your match? Real Tinder reviews

By now, everyone should know that Tinder is a heavy-swipe ‘dating app’ for android, iphone and Windows phones. First thing on our Tinder reviews, I have to commend Tinder for creating this mini-revolution. Everyone uses it nowadays, on the train, couch and even during tv commercial breaks.

That’s a huge success. However, as with all things in online dating, the app is weighed down by the same age-old predicament i.e. phony profiles. So hold your horses! don’t count on Tinder as the easiest way to find your true love.

Usage of Tinder App
Tinder enforces expectations through linking your Tinder account with your Facebook account. You can also choose to hard-enter all your particulars, a pretty tedious process as your big finger wander through a small touch screen keyboard.

After which comes the most anticipating process of the Tinder app, swiping pictures left or right depending on whether you find that individual attractive.

Finding out more information about the other person before you bestow a “like” is not available. Tinder is basically limited to photos. However, you can later get in touch with users you have liked and had returned a like to you as well.

If the likes are mutual, you can also toggle over to messaging and create “moments” via whatever camera your device has.
One tip though, slow down on the swipes as you can’t go back to like someone you have missed.

Membership fees
Free. Period.

Who’s on Tinder?
I would not be expecting to get too much out of Tinder for a long-term relationship since most people are looking to just hook-up but there is definitely occasion to make new friends and likely relationships.

Another alarming thing I notice is there are way too many fake/phony accounts (read escorts).To reiterate, most people are only interested in chatting and hook-ups.

Tinder Reviews
Tinder is a great dating site if you are looking to hook up with someone who lives near you, but the odds of running into them after a bad date is just too disastrous .

There is not much information of a party in actually getting to know them until there are both likes. This will miss out probable matches. In a nutshell, the personality is disregarded because this app targets on an all or nothing approach to swiping and liking photos.

A good side of thing is Tinder keeps matching rationalized for daters by only permitting communication to users who have both liked each other. This is helpful for people who do not want to be harassed or approached by every user of the site.

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