Zoosk Review – Do Not Get Scammed

Let’s set the record straight for our Zoosk review.
Zoosk is the most dubious dating website we have ever visited.

Well, Zoosk used to be a pretty good and reputable dating site 4-5 years ago, now it is just a rip-off charging off every services. You have to pay for basic services that other sites provide for free i.e. viewing profiles, seeing/sending messages, using their SmartPick, literally everything).

Usage of Zoosk Dating Site

Besides that, the usage of the site is terrifying and frustrating as well:

– The experience you get is very artificial with all of the unintentional “views”. Almost immediately after you setup your account, you will start to notice that the view counts and winks received increasing, even if you only put up 1 photo and didn’t type anything into your profile. It doesn’t matter how unappealing you think you are, this will most likely happen.

– The “mega flirt” feature, as I did notice had two ladies sent me the EXACT SAME message. This is a result of seeing the template options in the “mega flirt” section (I also saw another, different exact same template message there, which I had received from another gal). Talk about not covering their traces well.

– They also make use of profiles that are not active and change its names and locations so they show up as matches that you are looking for near where you are living. I saw one profile (same photo) come up with three different names and locations!

– Your search results will usually if not all the time, contain a lot of people outside your search radius and age range. Anyone can set up a profile with almost no information. I would regularly get matches from people with just a picture who were apparently illiterate.

Exorbitant (Can we call it Extorbitant?) Membership Fees
– Zoosk claims to be free but isn’t when you try to reply or initiate a conversation. I paid for one month subscription and the only actual contact I had with anyone was with 4 Russian scammers !

– They charge you to join and communicate with one another. Not only that, they also want to charge you for every text that someone sends you. What’s even more atrocious is even after paying those subscription and application fees, you still have to purchase “coins” to unlock potential (or not) matches

How does Zoosk scam?
They rely a great deal on faked feedback loops. Feedback loops are when you get a “Like” or a “Comment” on Facebook. It keeps you coming back for more. Zoosk relies heavily on this pseudo-psychological component to rouse your appetite to keep coming back to the site. Here’s what they do. At first they’ll flood almost un-filled-out profile with people who are interested, then interest drops radically after you complete your profile.

Everyone has to “view” whichever/whatever profile Zoosk decides to throws in their face. It’s literally not an indicator of anything.

Zoosk also feeds people’s false hopes by telling people that other members have viewed their profiles. What’s worse is I think that there are perhaps some poor souls out there who actually believe that this is some typical way of flirting on Zoosk, and think that people are just being reserved or playing hard to get. “I need to pursue this person harder! Oh! I know! Let me get their favourite gift!”

And if you are thinking of cancellation at this point, online cancellation is very tough if not possible. Zoosk subscribes you for auto-renewal. Why isn’t there an option? And to make it worse, Zoosk asks that you send certified or registered snail mail to cancel your subscription. There is not even a no “delete” profile option which is a little worrying.

Unlike the other dating websites, you have no activation fee with EHarmony (our eharmony reviews) or Match.com (our match.com reviews) just a simple membership fee that fits your budget. Im doing a trial and its a waste of time most of the guys on there have abandoned their profiles without officially deleting them so you’re emailing dead and fake profiles. I honestly believe that Zoosk is deliberately creating profiles to get people to sign up dont waste your time.

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